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Shahdara can be translated as "the way of kings". Shah translates as "king" and dara translates as the way of kings. In the 15th century, Shahdara was the entrance gate of the Lahore and Mughal Emperor. It hosts several historic Mughal architectural sites. These include the Akbari Sarai, the Tomb of Jahangir (who was the Emperor from 1605 to 1627), the tomb of his consort Nur Jahan, as well as the tomb of his brother-in-law Asif Khan. Shahdara Bagh is also home to Kamran's Baradari (Kamran Ki Baradari). Although this site was originally built on the Ravi River bank, the river changed course, covering the site near the Ravi Bridge.

Shahdara Bagh Railway Station and Shahdara Town Railway Station are busy railway stations located in Shahdara. These urban stations of the Lahore city are served by commuter trains of Lahore. A large number of commuters use this station to get access to the city of Lahore. These railway stations also link this area to other cities. The M-2 Motorway and N-5 GT Road pass through it, linking Lahore to northern and western Pakistan.

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